Three things you can immediately do to improve your email marketing


Despite one hundred life coaches saying to never start your day with opening email, I go against the rules and I open my email first thing each and every day…and then I regret not listening to the life coach’s advice! The sucky emails I receive from people peddling wares, services, and whatever other widgets they have through my email address fill my box and make me sigh with disgust. The really sucky part in all this, though? I never signed up for 99% of the crap I receive.

Let me clarify, GOOD email marketing does NOT suck. In fact, I welcome it.

A great example of GREAT email marketing is MarketingProfs. (Is it ok to say “great” twice in a post? I don’t care – they are that great!) They send out a DAILY email (can you imagine?) and in four years, I’ve never unsubscribed. I would even go so far as to say I’ve opened more than 75% of those emails and clicked through to a majority of the content. [MarketingProfs is welcome to check my numbers for accuracy!] They know exactly the type of people they are trying to reach, offer them incredible value, make the articles easy-to-read, and do not overdue it. Even at sending out a DAILY email. Yep, they are email rockstars.

Another example is Lorraine Ball of Roundpeg in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has perfected the email subject line. So many of her emails catch my eye and I open them, even when I know the topic, but I trust her content so much I click anyway. She’s amazing.

I can’t walk away from this article without mentioning Marie Forleo. I actually wake up on Tuesday mornings EXCITED to get her MarieTV episode in my mailbox. She is another person who KNOWS her tribe and caters to us. Way to go, Marie and team!

Then…there’s so many others I sift through to find the unsubscribe button and make them go away. But why?

I want to share some insight on what many are doing wrong so they can STOP being an email abuser and START being an email badass. Let’s start with the act of collecting email addresses.


Despite what some social media guru, ninja, superhero told you – LinkedIn is NOT for collecting email addresses. Connections are currency and if you abuse the email address from your LinkedIn connection, you are making a huge mistake. It will likely cost you a connection with someone in a larger environment than email alone.

Today, I had an email in my box (which sucked) and I went to unsubscribe. I always wonder, “Where did I sign-up for this?” and lo and behold today’s unsubscribe told me all I needed to know. This is an actual email subscription campaign someone had my name in through MailChimp and I took a screenshot for you:


This person (someone who is definitely NOT a marketer) took my email from my LinkedIn page and put it in their MailChimp email campaign…without my permission. No No No No No! If you are doing this, I beg you to stop. LinkedIn is not a way to collect email addresses for an email marketing campaign. That is what Opt-In pages are for.

Seth Godin wrote a book called “Permission Based Marketing” and I highly recommend it be read by anyone who is marketing their business. In 2008, Godin wrote, “Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. It recognizes the new power of the best consumers to ignore marketing. It realizes that treating people with respect is the best way to earn their attention.” Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!

Brendon Burchard is a national best-selling author and provides intricate details about how to build opt-in pages for your business website so you can collect those valuable email addresses in a permission-based way. I encourage you to check out his course on his website. Most of his material is free, and yes – you will have to give him your email address to do so! (You won’t regret his emails, though!)


I am a person. My DNA is unique. Everything about me makes me a customized human being. Do your emails reflect that when they go out, though?

So assuming you got me to give out my email address (and no more sneaking addresses from other places!), do you at least set-up your emails to address me personally? If your current email provider doesn’t allow you to do this, then switch providers! The common ones like Constant Contact, MailChimp, Emma, etc. all have this feature. It really comes down to the person/business sending the email out. Did you take the time to add this feature to your email? If not, then your email sucks.


Every email from those I mentioned who are rockstars has my name in the body of the email. This is an example of today’s email from Marie Forleo’s team. See how my name is right there?

This little bit of attention is no longer a perk – it’s mandatory in email marketing. If you are not taking the time to make something personal, then why send me anything at all? We know the answer is you want it to be about you. Well, guess what? It IS all about you when you address it to me! 

Sounds counterproductive and rather incidental as details go, but personalizing every step of your email marketing campaign is critical. As your business grows, the need for a quality email marketing provider should be right there too so they can customize the steps for each person on their path with you. If you’re not going to do that, then what’s the point of doing an email in the first place other than to check a box you’ve created as part of your marketing process.


Mobile matters more today than ever before. Are your emails coming across in a mobile-friendly way? I read on my MarketingProfs email today most emails sent by marketers in the second quarter of 2016 were opened on mobile devices, according to recent research from Experian.

This includes understanding how an email is previewed on a mobile device. Are your subject lines too long for the mobile device? Did you know the first 50 characters of what you type is what is seen on a mobile device? These things matter – and they aren’t going away.

MarketingProfs also shared this amazing infographic on how to create the perfect email. All of the advice in this is sage – be aware and take notes!


You can view the article which discusses this by clicking here:

ACTIONABLE EDUCATION: If you’re going to send a sucky email, please don’t send them to me. Challenge yourself to be a better representative of your craft. Don’t let email be the reason people stop doing business with you. 

Be bigger, better, and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown | @BIONICsocialite

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