#FridayReads – Deconstructing Digital by Sheri Fitts


I’m never quite sure when I hear Sheri Fitts name now if I think of her Newfoundland, Aboo, first or the chlorophyll lemonade recommended by her on our recent breakfast together at Harlow’s in Portland, Oregon. Either way – Sheri Fitts is unforgettable in everything she does, including her book “Deconstructing Digital“.

Much like Sheri, this small yet mighty book is a perfect read for financial service professionals. I think it will really help those who do mostly transactional business transition into more relationship-driven sales as well as help relational business continue to foster and retain more face-to-face business, with the aid of understanding how digital complements your marketing efforts.

This value-based marketing offer from Sheri includes learning more about connection and care, understanding your why and its value, as well as acknowledging what your digital front door looks like to clients and prospects. Let’s take a quick peek into these.



Sheri wastes no time jumping right into the opportunities which lie before every advisor today through creating value and strengthening relationships. I have always shared during speaking engagements some of the most important retention efforts by financial service professionals are centered around being the best in the care and helpfulness realm. (I believe in this so much I have a book coming in the next few months to educate the FinServ market on these principles.)

Our success in financial services is propelled when we build quality connections. It increases our credibility, grows sales through referrals, and positions us as thought leaders within our community. Not too shabby, eh?



I wonder if Simon Sinek ever wakes up and realizes how much his TEDTalk about starting with why has changed a multitude of lives and purpose in the coming ages? You are welcome to watch his talk here, but the quick and dirty is many companies can do the what and the how, but only you have a unique “why” – tell that story! 

Sheri is very clear in her book – you must be clear about how you help others. If you can not articulate this well…if your staff can not articulate what your company does…how do you know what makes you special then? What makes you so different? The exercise in her book and supporting help on her website can help you develop your unique story.



People are knocking – you might be listening, but do they want to come in once you’ve opened the door? This is a very real problem we see a lot in financial services. You could be an awesome social networker and be very clear on your value proposition, but people come to your website and find:

  • outdated graphics (I can’t handle one more picture of people shaking hands – barf)
  • pictures from when you started your financial services firm in 1989
  • your website not built to respond to my mobile device (huge annoyance)

If you are guilty of any of these infractions, then Deconstructing Digital is definitely written with you in mind. Sheri goes into detail what your digital front door represents, how your business is being judged in the click of a button, and how to complete a diagnostic check-up so you can bring it up-to-date. Chapter Five alone is worth the whole read alone.


So smart women like Sheri can tell you how to fix what’s broken, provide you with a roadmap to follow, and get you back on track with current expectations, but it’s up to you now.

You must act.

You must do something.

You must start being relevant.

Be bigger, better, and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown | @BIONICsocialite


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