Is your calendar helping or hindering?


My granddaughter, Roya, is 18-months old and a bit of a turd right now. She’s into everything, running around, etc. Her mother (my daughter) is doing a fabulous job rearing this little bundle of energy with the exception of one thing…the two-foot troll is ruling the roost and I put my foot down this weekend and said, “No more!” We must get control back!

The same goes when you don’t use a good calendar system.

Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

I recently read a well-written article by LaRae Quy on the neuroscience of time management. In it, she shared a tweet by Randi Zuckerberg (yep – she’s the sister of Mark) about the Entrepreneur’s Dilemma. Basically – you have only a few things which you can accomplish with your time each day, pick three. Successful people make sacrifices with their time, but they are calculated on how they do this.

If it’s important, put it on the calendar.

That’s right – it’s that simple. Time is a non-renewable resource. You can’t make more of it. You get the same 24 hours on a Tuesday as you do a Saturday. And, you get the same amount of time each day as every other person on the planet, so why do you think some people get stuff done and others keep trying to pay catch-up? It’s all about scheduling what’s important.

I schedule everything from doctor appointments and meetings to checking email and returning voicemail messages. Sounds crazy? It works. It also took a shload of time to learn to do this, stick with this, create a habit, and work the plan. You can do this if you practice, practice, practice!

Use tools to keep your calendar fresh

One thing I know I’m guilty of is back-and-forth agenda checking. “I have Tuesday and Wednesday available at 10 am ET, does this work?” then they respond, “No, I have Friday at 10 am ET, will that work?” then you respond, “Hmm…what about next week? What’s open for you?” 

And on…and on….and on…. STOP is one of the very best tools I’ve seen for the FinServ market to use. You will save so much time and it helps make customer service seem proven simply by using this tool. For only $10-$15 per month, you can manage your calendar invites by connecting this tool with your Outlook or other email server calendar program and then ask clients to schedule a time which fits their schedule. EASY!

ScheduleOnce is a robust calendar scheduler with so much more. You can integrate this with your CRM system, generate leads through it, etc. I think it’s a bit overkill, but I do see the potential. With a cost of $10-$50 per month, you can see where this might be cost prohibitive for some. You can always take it for a spin with a free trial.

Be a person of action – time is well spent in figuring out where you are losing time each day. Identify those activities. Schedule the important stuff. Use tools to keep you and your business operating at a smooth pace.





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  1. Anupe Diaz says:

    Also consider as an alternate solution for keeping your calendar fresh. Many customers are been especially appreciative of the multi-calendar integration that let’s them further filter their free/busy status for both work and family calendars.


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