Got Twitter?


Twitter is by far one of my single greatest pleasures of social media. Having said that, I want to clarify one thing: Twitter is NOT for everyone. Let me explain.

You have to crack the egg

If you’re not willing to fill out your profile and put up a picture, then just move along. Twitter is not for you!

You have to be concise

So brevity is not everyone’s cup of tea. Having to say everything that needs to be said in 140 characters (or ideally – less!) can be quite trying on some folks. For this reason, alone, consider whether or not you can speak your peace short and sweet.

You have to be listening

Twitter moves pretty fast. If you are not able to respond quickly (minutes is best, hours are meh, a day – forget about it) then let this channel go.

You have to be participating

You can’t just schedule tweets and that’s it. Nope – the Twitterverse knows when you’re not an active participant and the likelihood of engagement with boring material is slim to none. Changing up the material helps (so think pictures, then an article, then a comment to someone, then a shout out for a favorite brand, etc.)

You have to understand where it fits

Twitter has a real place. It’s a great news source. You can talk with brands in this space. You can search for a lot of conversations and threads. But the bottom-line is that it needs a real fit in your marketing strategy. If you are struggling with other areas like LinkedIn or Facebook, I believe Twitter needs to come way after those two are perfected.

Be a person of action – If you have a Twitter account and are not using it, determine if you really need it. If you insist on keeping it, then be active and start learning how to navigate a truly cool world, but watch out – it can be addicting and overwhelming all at the same time!



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