Increase the size of your audience


As a speaker (for context, I speak at about 25 events per year), I’ve had to do a few presentations in my time. Some of those audiences were small and others were quite large. I’ve walked away thinking, “I wish I could share this content with more folks.” With really cool tools today, you can 100% do this…let me introduce you to Slideshare.

What is Slideshare?

In a nutshell…you can take a Powerpoint and upload it through Slideshare to make your presentation more dynamic (you can add some cool things to it), make your content shareable, and reach a wider audience.

Once upon a time, Slideshare was a standalone presentation software company. There was (and still is!) a real need for less sucky presentations. The company has been around more than ten years now and it was built so well, LinkedIn bought it. (So you see where I’m going with this…) In 2012, when Slideshare joined the LinkedIn empire, it received a full integration to their platform. This is where the magic happens.

Why would I use Slideshare?

When you are able to share your knowledge through a visual format AND reach a potentially wider audience element, I would call that a win/win. According to LinkedIn, when you upload to Slideshare over 80% of their 70 million visitors find content through targeted search. This helps build thought leadership, develop your reputation as an expert, and potentially draw more prospects to you.

What does Slideshare cost to use?

It’s free to use. Can you believe that? It’s one of the perks when you have a LinkedIn account (free or premium).

Be a person of action – if you have some presentations you know would benefit others, clean them up a bit, get an account with Slideshare, upload them, and then start sharing your knowledge with others.


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