Why nobody really wants things for free

WAIT WHAT - a social experiment in giving it all away

I spent the last ninety days giving it all away in the name of research. You heard me right. I wanted to see what the reactions were when I gave social media assistance away for free to different financial advisors across the United States and asked for absolutely zero, zilch, nada in return. The overwhelming response may shock you.

So what was the offer?

In every situation, I connected on LinkedIn. Most were responsive to this as they have been trained to accept connection requests. I always thank my contacts for connecting as a social courtesy. Then, I followed up with them a week later. I let them know I quickly reviewed their profile, created a LinkedIn cover banner to help their profile pop a bit more, and then waited for the response.

“I’m not interested.” 

Out of the more than seventy-five offers made to help others, the unbelievable majority of people said, “I’m not interested.” I was turned down from the get-go. I never asked for anything in return only to say, “I spent some time on your LinkedIn profile and I made this cover banner to help tie your clients to your profile to your website.” I asked for no return call, no return email, no return anything. I thanked them again for connecting and getting to know each other. It was a simple gesture to be nice. I earnestly was giving it all away to help someone else out.

Is it really so hard to believe people can help each other?

I did all of this because so many professionals yell up and down the proverbially marketing mountain to give away their services and yet when someone gives away their services to someone in financial services, they flat out said, “I’m not interested.” Hmm. Do you think there may be a disconnect here?

If we are trained by LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networking platforms to accept connection requests, why are we not trained as human beings to accept help from one another? Why can’t people believe someone would help a brother/sister out?

Be a person of action – Can you be more open to accepting help? Is your desire to protect yourself actually cutting yourself off from being truly open? Are you giving away help to clients and expecting something in return and if so, were you really giving it away, to begin with? Think of ways you can open your heart to others and to yourself.

WILL SMITH - help others


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