#FridayReads – Make Trouble by John Waters

FRIDAYREADS - make trouble by john waters

So I’m not gonna lie…I picked up this book because it was pink and black…my favorite colors together on the planet. Say it…I’m shallow. (I already know…)

I told you in previous #FridayReads posts I have really been into commencement speeches lately and this 70-page book is a revisit of John Waters’ address to the graduates of Rhode Island School of Design. If you don’t know who John Waters is I will say just one word and you will go, “Ah!”  HAIRSPRAY! (Go ahead and say it now, “Ah!”)

Never fear rejection

He jumped right into the ‘Waters’ of rejection early on (pun intended!) and reminded not only should we NOT fear rejection, but to embrace it. I was talking with a friend recently about old high-school memories and growing up in the 80s. I recalled all the punk rockers and their crazy clothes, hair colors, etc. You know what? I wanted to be like them a bit more. I feared the rejection of other friends, my teachers, etc. instead of answering the call, “What would I look like with pink hair?” I mean if ever there was a right time to do it – that was the time to do it!

Fear brings about all these yucky feelings and whether I talk with financial service professionals who avoid social media marketing because “it’s overwhelming” or our clients avoid talking about life insurance because “it’s too scary to think about death” we all have different fears and they are valid but they aren’t real, they are just thoughts in our brain we can manage, even when we think we can’t.

Spy, Be Nosy, Eavesdrop

Waters also reminds it’s our job in honoring or unique talents to spy on what others are doing, be nosy about events and other news, and eavesdrop on conversations and projects which could benefit our purpose. No more mister nice guy, folks!

I use social listening tools ALL THE TIME to be certain I’m providing updated news and materials. You should be doing the exact same thing in your area of expertise, too. There is no shame in the game of being relevant.

Know Who You Hate and Why

“A poor person to me can have a big bank balance, but is uncurious, judgmental, isolated, and unavailable to change.” (Tweet it out here by clicking: https://ctt.ec/0HId4) This means you need to understand why you dislike someone or something and I mean really get to the root cause. Then, stop being around these people and things. It’s toxic.

I hear friends complain about friends who suck them dry (Energy Vampires as Jon Gordon would call them) and this is not healthy for either of you, honestly. You know what…….channel your inner yogi and say “Namaste – let that shit go.” The friend, the client, the family member, the class, the project, etc. – – evaluate and then make cuts where you need to in order to keep your energy flowing.

The moral of the story: Go out into the world with the intention of changing it to be better. Your job on this crazy ball of solid, gas, and liquid is to make trouble every single day you are alive. Ask questions. Challenge the status quo. Keep molding every day as we all have a masterpiece to be unveiled.


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