Why I will never miss #MPB2B ever again!

MPB2B - five reasons you should never miss

It’s taken me a few days to finally come to terms with it…therapy was considered, trust me. I was embarrassed to admit it, but here I am ready to give my exclusive confession: I wasn’t able to attend my favorite event of the year. I was a sad and jealous marketer who huffed and puffed at home while others were being entertained and enlightened with rich marketing words from so many subject matter experts. Talk about FOMO – I got it bad! (And although I’ve retyped that paragraph about five different ways, it still sounds a little bitter…right? Humpfh!)

The truth? Complete torture!!! I had to lay in my bed at night reading fun tweets from folks like Dean Shaw tweeting about an over-sized cookie and bikini season (actually, that was really funny even with me being pathetically sad) and Curata tweeting pics of candy for the ride home – I mean…I’m the sad one over here. Send ME the sweets!!!

So I decided any marketer who is even THINKING of missing next year’s event, I wrote this confession for you. Don’t do it – you’ll have regrets and who wants a life filled with regrets?

In my own particular order, here are my FIVE reasons no one should ever, ever, ever miss a MarketingProfs B2B Forum:

#1 – Ann Handley

I’m not really sure I need to write a lot here because the reason is MORE than self-explANNatory, but anytime I miss an opportunity to hang out with my lovely friend, I’m just plain sad…like eating-pints-of-ice-cream-in-the-dark-while-reading-through-tweets sad. (That’s REALLY sad, folks, because I’m lactose-intolerant.)

You might go to the conference because it’s held at a kick ass location or to escape the hum-drum of your job, but I’m telling you the real win is learning from someone who has dedicated their entire career to making others better (or more bionic, as I like to say).

Ann is the main squeeze of the event and yet she’ll be the first person to say, “Oh no, so-and-so is the main attraction.” She’s just that wonderful.

#2 – Shenanigans

Good grief – this year I saw Jaybird and swings and karaoke!??  Just stop rubbing it in with all the shenanigans going on! Could you have at least downplayed the fun just a little so those of us not in attendance could be less jealous? I mean, honestly!

#3 – Friends you know and Friends you don’t know…yet

One of the hardest things was watching MY friends hang out with new friends and I wasn’t there to meet new friends! It’s like….my friends were cheating on me and they went out and found new, amazing people to hang out with…and I don’t know these people…yet!

I was missing out on the behind the scenes stuff, too, and so some of the tweets didn’t make sense because I was missing context. Ugh!!!! They even tweeted out #SquadGoals with each other – so jealous!

Nope – not gonna happen again. I want to know what Doug Kessler, Kerry O’Shea Gorgone, Stephan Hovnanian, Samantha Stone, Joe Pulizzi, Kris Schulze, Jeff Julian and so many others are doing and who they’re meeting so I’m not behind in learning about the rest of the cool kids. No bueno!

#4 – Food

This chunky girl likes her food and every MarketingProfs B2B event is PACKED with goodies galore. And when you go out with your friends and new friends (yeah, I addressed this in #3, but…) then you find really cool places to grub together.

Food – it’s an important part of the experience, right? Can we just say, “Lobstah!” and all agree?

#5 – #Abbading

I have a sweet spot for that little girl and when I see pictures where she made an appearance, I know I really missed out. Be sure to follow Ann on Instagram so you can see lots of her throughout the year because dogs make living better…period.

You make your list, but this one is mine! Mark my words I will be in San Francisco next year (hey – I lived there for eighteen years, I actually know how to get around – where to eat – how to navigate BART, etc.) I could even be an official welcome person or tour guide if someone wants to hang out with me and be SANN Francisco cool! (<– See what I did there?)

So, marketers, you heard me loud and clear. This is a never-to-be-missed-kind-of event. You will learn stuff you never knew was possible. You will meet people who will become your BFFs. And for the crew at MarketingProfs, it’s permanently on my calendar to attend from this day forward. (Sorry, Ann, you’re stuck with me.)

MPB2B - for life





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  1. Well I’m glad we’ve preemptively fixed your FOMO for 2018!


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