The way to your client’s business is not through their stomach…

2018 - Clients donut want treats

I’m the first person on the planet to admit they love donuts. I mean – it’s actually a true love affair of mine (along with coffee….). But you need to just STOP bringing the goodies to clients and do something much more powerful and long-lasting. After I read an article by Sally Poblete on website about data analytics, I knew this was an important time to remind about the need for a deeper form of education with clients.

…but they like donuts, Sheryl.

I get it – clients like goodies. We all like treats. But we must stop ‘feeding the animals’ with stuff and start educating their minds. This will make you much more meaningful to a client’s overall need than a random box of yummy sugar-coated fried bread.

…but I’m already educating them about financial matters, Sheryl.

I know – but that’s not how you help a client with their overall need. Each Tuesday for the last couple of years I have posted a “Tuesday Tip” and provide all of my LinkedIn connections with ideas on how to manage work projects, new apps to help them with home improvement, ways to read books via Cliff Notes, etc. Many of these things have nothing to do with social media and marketing, but I know these tips can help in other areas.

…but I’m not sure what they want to learn about, Sheryl.

Good point! What about using some of your marketing time to send out a survey with a bunch of ideas asking them what would be helpful for them to receive tips on? You don’t necessarily need to generate all of the tips, either. What about having your clients who have expertise in LOTS of different things supply an idea to share on your blog and then you recirculate to all of your other clients? Cross-promotional help isn’t a half-bad idea!

Be a Person of Action: Look at your list of clients. Who can help who with what thing? Ask them if they would write an idea out for you. What about your own circle of friends? Maybe go to Facebook and put a post asking them to supply an idea on things they’ve found really helpful. Crowd-source your information. Recirculate to your clients. Make your marketing more meaningful to a client’s life than a jelly-filled doughnut.

2018 ALLAN BLOOM - learning


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