Let’s get personal, shall we?

2018 - Whats The Real Magic In Marketing

Hi! My name is (what?)
My name is (who?)
My name is Slim Shady.

I don’t really think you came here for rap or hip hop. But I think you need to remember Eminem’s message because I’m reading a lot of content out there on your social media accounts that probably doesn’t speak to your audience AT ALL.

I’m doing a big push in 2018 about content because it’s what fuels the marketing engines of your business. Crappy fuel – you go nowhere. High octane fuel – you zoom in front of your clients.

The Competitive Edge of Getting Personal

A great friend of mine, Gini Dietrich, has an amazing blog on her Spin Sucks site. They wrote about competitive opportunities and I beamed with joy when I saw their reminder about the advantageous benefit of personalizing content. YASSSSSS!! There’s a reason the word “Person” is in “Personalizing” because you need to be talking to someone as if they are the only person in the room.

Technology Helps – Trust Me On This

I don’t expect you’re going to write a newsletter for each client. I also don’t expect you’re going to share a post on each client’s Facebook wall. Nope. I’m not that crazy. However…

I do expect you to stop writing about stuff clients don’t want to read. They aren’t interested in your white paper. For the most part, they couldn’t give a shit about the market numbers. Sorry (not really).

Upgrading your marketing technology to interface with your CRM system is a must today. In FinServ, we have really great tools available to us from Redtail and Salesforce and HubSpot, Marketo, and Emma. Learn about how these work. Invite their reps to do a webinar for you. Heck – the broker-dealer I work for would be more than happy to make that happen!

Let’s talk about OPP (Yeah You Know Me)

So if you stop writing about boring stuff, what do you do? You write about things that matter to your clients. They’re definitely down with OPP – Other People’s Problems. They want to know the emotional parts of when someone got divorced and was financially destitute – how did they get gritty and pull themselves back up? They want to know how you got someone’s college student to stop opening up credit card accounts and wracking up monster-sized debt that mommy and daddy had to pay off to save their financial behind.

These are the things driving American families bonkers today. What? You think I’m playin’ around? Welp, these were the top five articles on the day I wrote this blog post:

  1. 5 Simple Strategies to Save More Money This Year

  2. Mom and Dad foot some bills for 1 in 4 millennials working full time

  3. Top ten list of consumer concerns in Michigan

  4. Managing people problems with technology

  5. 9 American cities with the worst income inequality

Not one of these had a white paper or case study. Nope – they ALL tell STORIES of every day people with every day problems that are relatable and digestable. Is your content like this today? If not – you need to rethink your strategy and get personal!

Be a Person of Action: Get outside of your expertise and stop sharing stuff that’s not interesting. The fact is, we are just not the cool kids on the bus. BUT – if Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic can make cello playing badass, I mean – we can definitely make financial services more interesting, fresh, and fun for our clients. Let’s do this!

2018 SHERYL SANDBERG - personalization


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