#FridayReads – What to do when it’s your turn? – Seth Godin

FRIDAYREADS - what to do when its your turn

You know how you finish a book and think, “I want to read that again!” Well….that’s exactly how I felt when I finished the last page of Seth Godin’s book, “What To Do When It’s Your Turn“. It was a 158-non-stop-page-turner kind of book!

The Opportunity

That’s what the entire book is built on – the opportunity to take your turn and make a difference in your life, in someone else’s life, in the world. But reaching out to take the turn? Well that requires change and guts.

pablo (64)

What about failure?

If all we are doing is seeking stability, haven’t we really missed the purpose of living? In order to get to the next rung, we have to reach out – and we might miss – but reach we must. I mean, did any of us really just get up and walk across the room the first time? No, of course not! We toddled and then *bam* we landed on our asses (or our faces or our squishy fat thighs, but down we went!) We failed, the first time… next time we knew better.

pablo (65)

Then you go…

That’s all you need to know. You know the opportunity. You might fail. And then you go. You write that article. You speak at that event. You stand-up for someone. You take the first step toward whatever it is you want to change or create. You just go!

pablo (66)

Be a Person of Action: What is it you want to do but are afraid? I encourage you to read this book – be motivated by Godin’s words and choose the path that is filled with rough patches and slippery slopes. This is where the best ideas, visions, and real work come from – and you’ll be forever changed for the experience!



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