Why you must stop being a financial service organization and start showing up as a valuable media provider.

2018 - Social Media Are You a Visitor or Relative

It’s been a bit since I’ve written. I started writing my book, Females And Finance, and had to take a break from extracurricular writing, but I’m back…and curious and concerned all at the same time! Who are you, exactly?

Recently, an article entitled, “It’s Netflix’s World, Disney Just Lives in It” was sent out by The Washington Post and I have to tell you – this whole story sounded like Financial Services and social media, in general. When something appears small and insignificant, in our case I hear stuff like, “Why do people keep sharing their lunches on social media?” (insignificant) to what worked for a lot of money in the past, “I have always mailed my newsletter every month to my clients” (traditional methods) it makes me wonder if anyone is paying attention to what is going on?

It begs the questions: Are you a visitor or a relative? Are you a financial service organization or a media outlet? 

What do you mean a ‘visitor’?

I see an awful lot of dabbling in social media by hundreds of financial service organizations and professionals. Can we just stop being a visitor now? It’s 2018. Either move in and start acting like a family or just get out. This is no place for dabbling anymore.

What do you mean by ‘relative’?

Get in and know your family members. Look around at your competition and even colleagues alongside of you. If you have staff – include them on the journey to becoming a media outlet using social media as the platform. Relatives work together to make a place a home. It’s about getting serious and learning how to make this all work together.

What do you mean a ‘media outlet’?

Stop being a financial service organization and start thinking about your social media channels as outlets. Use Twitter to have a discussion. Use Facebook to show your personal side. Use LinkedIn to connect and know your audience. Use Pinterest to share your blog articles. Use Instagram to yes – show your company’s lunches and stuff.

Be a Person of Action: Stop dabbling and commit. People want to know who you are as a company and as a colleague. They don’t want to ‘visit’ with people anymore – time is precious, they want relatives, go-to individuals they can call on and will respond VIA SOCIAL MEDIA. You can do this!

2018 SPICE GIRLS - who are you


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