I give you permission to stop doing social media…seriously, keep reading…

2018 - Step Away From Social Media by Sheryl Brown

We are headed into the most family-filled times of the fourth quarter and I’m seriously giving you permission to walk away from social media to enjoy these times with your loved ones. Now – I’m not telling you to completely abscond – this is just a small hiatus. Let me explain…

One – It Will Make You Happier

The Today show recently had a small bit about cutting back on your social media and although my entire work is all about…social media…I get why people need to step away from the iPhone or Android and more specifically, Facebook and Snapchat.

Facebook is not a replacement for real people. You can argue with me until your eyes cross that it’s just the way we do business today and how people are on the go, but I’m telling you as a strategist on this topic – it does not fully replace REAL PEOPLE in your life.

The holidays are going to be filled with moments to sneak a peak at little ones getting their first taste of cranberry sauce (pucker!!!) or more seasoned friends who are moving a little bit slower. Take all of these moments in – and put your phones DOWN.

Two – It Will Make You More Present

If you can’t fully put the phone down, simply cutting back will help you be more present. I mean – how many times has someone said to you, “Did you hear what that lady just said?” and you can’t say, “Yes” because your mind and eyes were in your phone looking at some video of cats jumping away from cucumbers. (<—Yeah, that’s actually a real thing.)

Be present with your loved ones this holiday season. It will make a difference in both of your lives.

Three – It Will Make You Less Anxious

Dr. Jacob Barkley did a research study in 2014 about the relationship of people with their mobile devices and situational anxiety. And the bottom-line is exactly what you thought it would be, “Put the device down. Feel better.” It’s really that simple.

How many times a day do you think the average person checks their phone? In 2017, The New York Times reported we are averaging 80 TIMES PER DAY – that’s a little crazy, right?

So put the phone….DOWN.

Be A Person Of Action: Remember this. Little people are watching you. So yeah, I’m guilting you into listening to what I’m saying. Nobody will die wishing they had been on their phone more often, so just for the holiday season – can you do a little less Facebook and whole lot more Family and Friends? Thanks!

2018 THE GOGOS - social media detox


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