I need some help with this reader’s question…

2018 - Why are women not responding to requests

This post might get me into trouble – but I’m going for it because I’ve been truly baffled on what the hell is going on out there. I have people who come to me ALL DAY LONG and ask me for marketing advice. I never tire of giving it – what I tire of….(and this is the part that will piss off some people, but here I go…) are how many women I’m giving marketing advice to or connections to get in front of and they are simply not accepting or even acknowledging the requests.

Let me explain the set-up…

I had a great man who works in business succession reach out to me about a book he’s writing. He WANTS to feature women working in financial services as subject matter experts in his writing – woo hoo! This is RIGHT up my alley with Females and Finance. So I told him it would be no problem for me to share his request with 150 women to get him some quality connections in this space. Do you know how many women responded?

Drum roll, please…..

4%…. so only 6 women responded – and of the six, most of them gave an air of feeling “inconvenienced” by the request. (FYI – these are women who have ASKED me for marketing help and want to amplify their business, so I’m thinking, “HUH?”)

So you know what happens next, right?

The author of this book may end up having to go with men who on average, has no problem promoting themselves. And another author, writer, journalist, etc. is going to be ‘blamed’ for only soliciting their requests for subject matter expertise to…the guys.

Marketing is a two-way street, everyone. (On a personal note…..Omgosh – this is maddening! Why is this happening???)

Be A Person Of Action: I’m open for diplomatic discussion, but if we are really going to change the way #FinServ and #FinTech behaves, we must get on the same marketing page as the guys. We must be ready to vette requests. We must be ready to promote our best selves. We must work with men on these requests, too. 

2018 THE BEATLES - help


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