I know that’s your favorite shirt, but it has holes in it…

2018 - Stop Doing What Youve Always Done by Sheryl Brown

Who else has said that to their child? Their spouse? You have these favorite clothes (or socks or pants) and they are cozy and feel good and you want to keep wearing them. But they have some holes here and there, but the majority of it is is still covering the necessary parts – so you keep wearing them.

Well – it’s no different in your business, either. You have these ways you’ve been doing things and it’s worked OK – so why change the status quo?

Do you think Richard Branson embraces Status Quo? 

…or Oprah?

…or The Pope?

…or Ellen?

Should I keep going on because I KNOW you KNOW what I mean.

It’s actually a decision to stay the same – so you can change that decision.

Pretty cool, eh? Simply stop doing the same stuff. No no – nothing else. Just stop it – and do something else. That’s it.

Shonda Rhimes has a POWERFUL book called, “The Year of Yes” and if you’ve not read it, I ask that you make that a 2019 goal to get completed. It’s life-changing (and I wrote a #FridayReads article about it, too). The idea for her was that she – even in all of her greatness – kept wanting to put on the proverbially hole-filled shoes…and shirt…and jammies. Then one day she decided, “I’m going to say ‘YES’ to all the things I typically say ‘no’ to” and guess what? Her life became even GREATER! You can do the same thing with how you market yourself and your business.

[And if you want to read the science behind why you keep choosy your ordinary stuff – check out this great read from ThoughtCo.com on why we do this stuff to ourselves.]

So what are examples of things I should change?

I think some areas you should consider looking at are:

  • Personal Growth – what class, conference, etc. can  you attend this year that will give you a different vantage point or skill to be a better version of you? This even means helping at youth organizations to learn from younger people while you offer seasoned wisdom on things you know. It’s a two-way street that way!
  • Professional Amplification – where can you speak this year that’s different than before? What marketing can you do differently that you’ve never tried? What about hiring a stylist to help you find clothes that bring out your most professional self? Could you guest blog on a site? What about asking to appear on a podcast?

Be A Person Of Action: If doing something makes you feel slightly uneasy, chances are, you should be trying that. I’m not saying put yourself into full freak-out mode, but you should definitely feel butterflies. It’s a sure sign that you’re on the right track to getting outside of the status quo and into a new space. Change is good for you and your entire environment.

EXTRA reinforcement from Harvard Business Review on this topic found here: https://hbr.org/2018/08/research-to-get-people-to-embrace-change-emphasize-what-will-stay-the-same

2018 MOTLEY CRUE - status quo


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