Who haven’t you talked to in a while?

2019 - A New Year With The Same Old Clients

One of the questions I get all of the time in social media marketing is, “How do I get new clients?” Perfectly acceptable question, except – so many of us have old clients we haven’t talked to in so long don’t you kind of wonder what happened to them? I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else…so whatcha gonna do?

First – why aren’t you talking to them?

This is a legit concern and you need to be honest with yourself. Do you not call them because they are boring? Annoy you? Are painful? Then it’s time to honestly let them go and move on. As I’m reaching closer to the big 5-0 soon, I know that I only want to do business with those people I like. So if you’re not talking to them because of the terrible awful feeling you get when someone says their name – LET. THEM. GO.

Second – did you just forget about them?

It’s ok – you don’t have to admit it to me or especially to the forgotten one, but we are humans – not computers. People just slip our mind. I encourage many of my clients and friends to tackle the address book of your CRM and don’t forget about your LinkedIn (instructions on how to download your contacts can be found by clicking here) connections, too.

Lastly – will they even chat with me? 

You might even be wondering, “What do I say after all this time?” A good starter conversation might be, “Hi, So-And-So! I know….it’s been so long so we last talked. I was working and working and I kept meaning to reach out and I didn’t. I’m so very sorry. Can we schedule time to chat and catch-up? I want to hear about you, your family, your business, your life! Look forward to chatting soon! Signed, You.”

Easy peasy – heartfelt – and most important, honest. Always be honest!

Be A Person Of Action: You’re going to have to schedule time to do this. Plain and simple. If you have an assistant – use them to help you. If you don’t, use tools to help you get the appointments like Calendly for a free calendar tool or Assistant.to to help you schedule time within your email.

2019 RAY PARKER JR - reconnect

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