#FridayReads – The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*CK by Sarah Knight

#FridayReads - Sarah Knight The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck

Yeah – #FridayReads is BACK!!!! I’ve picked out 26 books for 2019 and be prepared – a ton of fun reading is headed your way. I felt it was appropriate to start the year off with a deep dive and NSFW language. Yep – I went there.

Also – I wrote this one specifically for the Females and Finance community so that’s why you’ll see the different logo on the graphic. Expect a lot of that this year as I co-mingle the two groups between BIONICsocial and Females and Finance.

Here we go!

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight is an easy, fun and enlightening read (208 pages – small book). I read this particular book on a flight to Baltimore and it was fun to watch the faces of people who caught a glimpse of the title. I usually saw:

  • Humpfh! Disgusted with the F word – oh well.
  • Smile! They must like the F word – hey, you’re my friend!
  • Smirk! You know they want to smile, but can’t fully commit to admitting how often they use the F word.

Ok – I get it – it’s not for everyone, but….if you can get past the F bomb, everything Sarah Knight says in this is 100% true.  Some of her best key points were:

  1. “I was born a fuck giver.” OMG – this is so me. Getting past your overachieving perfectionist self will be the first way you discover a whole new world.
  2. “Brings you joy? Then by all means, keep giving a fuck.” I had to get real with myself and tell friends, “I don’t want to go to your baby showers.” I really don’t like them. But, I do love weddings and have actually reminded people to invite me to those! It’s all about where your joy lies.
  3. “You have no control over what other people think.” It’s hard enough to make up our own minds and decide what is important – so stop worrying about what other people think!
  4. “Yes. You must experience Fuck Overload in order to fully recognize the time, energy, and money you’re spending on your fucks.” This is almost always described as burn out – or – I want to delete all of my emails – or – running away from home. So as soon as you realize you’re there, you must also realize it’s time to stop giving a fuck.
  5. “The thing is, other people deposit a lot of their fucks in your mental barn.” It’s time to clean out! This usually looks like red flags on emails – their emergency, not yours. This also comes in forms of projects that must be done now – when they didn’t plan correctly. Stop letting people take space in your head without paying rent!
  6. “The power of honesty cannot be overrated.” You do not have to donate to every Kickstarter your friends share. You do not have to buy cookies from every friend’s Girl Scout troop. You do not have to go to Tupperware, etc. parties – nope nope nope. Be honest and say, “I have a personal policy against _____” and just stick to that. There – you stopped giving a fuck!

Every person who reads this will get a little something more, different, extra out of it, but you get a good idea of where Sarah Knight is going with her writing.

Time, Energy, Money – they really ARE the holy trinity. Guard them with your life. Once you stop giving so many of your fucks out of the bucket and only hand them out to those situations and individuals where it makes sense for YOU, you’ll begin to leave a less burdened and happier life.



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