If you build it (right)…they will come

2019 - technology tools

A few years back I stood in front of a group of women in Indianapolis dressed as Kevin Costner from Field of Dreams and taught about marketing tools. “If you build it… they will come.” Only – I failed in that messaging. It should have been, “If you build it right…they will come.” Let me explain.

What do you want your marketing to do?

Easy answer, right? I want to get new prospects while maintaining current clients. Yeah – that’s the wrong answer. Sorry.

Instead – you want your marketing to mean something. That means getting REALLY real with yourself and what you stand for and making hard decisions. Do you tweak who you are to satisfy one pain-in-the-ass client or do you just not worry about that one person? (You know the answer, it’s just hard to admit it.) So serve the masses, my friend!

How do you make sure your marketing content fits into the lives of those who you want to work with each day? If you don’t know (and many do not) poll them. You can use tools like:

Now you know what they want – how do I get them that?

Many of the insurance and investment financial service professionals I work with are shocked to find out their clients want more information about things like budgeting, student loan debt, and Medicare recommendations. It’s like – that’s not what I do. So – – how do you stay true to what you do and satisfy their requests?

(FYI – none of these professionals knew I would be featuring them in this article. Um….errr….surprise?!)

Partnering with someone who has an expertise outside of yours is very smart – and is a very good marketing tool because they each probably have content around these topics to help support what your clients need.

What are some other useful tools, Sheryl?

You can follow me each week to see a #TuesdayTip where I will share 52 tools in 2019 to help you with your work, but some immediate ones I’ll “tip you off” to today are:

  • TextExpander for Chrome — a tool that lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts. You know how you type certain things OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Welp – this shortcuts it.
  • Meetup — Find Meetups so you can do more of what matters to you. Or create your own group and meet people near you who share your interests. You’ll be amazed at the new people you’ll meet in your community by doing this!
  • Loom — Easy and free screen recorder for Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks. Record your camera and screen with audio directly from your Chrome browser and share. I literally can’t do my business without this tool now.
  • Send to Calendar Send events to Google Calendar automagically from any webpage. How I use this is sending someone’s LinkedIn to my calendar as a “reminder” to get in touch with them on certain days. Love it!
  • UnrollMe — Easily unsubscribe in one click from email subscriptions.

These are only a fraction of the cool tools I use to run my day-to-day business. Many of us need the right tools to get our work done, our social media posts scheduled, our inboxes cleaned up, our clients scheduled quickly, leaving us time to network!

Be A Person Of Action: Start looking at the stuff that bogs down your day and find a solution to it. If you don’t know – ask me. I likely have heard the same things come up and can help guide you to streamline this crap!

2019 new kids on the block - tools


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