Sleep becomes you…

2019 - Sleep by Sheryl Brown

I think John Lennon had it wrong. It’s not love we need more of…it’s definitely sleep.

After suffering from three weeks of bronchitis, laryngitis, and a sinus infection where my faithful physician doled out all the right meds. In the end, what finally cured all that ailed me was…NyQuil. It konked me out and I slept night-after-night for 10+ hours.

So I started doing a little research and discovered….

If you’re not doing a great job at work, then you probably need more sleep

Dr. Travis Bradberry recently posted an article on LinkedIn where he talked about the cost of sleep deprivation – specific to our careers. We already know that sleep does a body good, but you can’t “catch up” on your sleep. Once it’s gone – it’s gone.

If you find yourself missing details of things, late to appointments, and having overall ‘forgetfulness’ – it’s not something to pass by. Look at your last few weeks of sleep – has it been lacking? Get it back on track – as soon as possible!

Are you having trouble falling asleep?

I found this was my number one issue. My mind was still racing from a day’s worth of constant motion. When it came time to sleep – my brain simply could not shut off.

  • We took all the appliances out of the rooms so the little blue light or the silent fan humming at night was not there.
  • We added room darkening blinds so that we had that pitch black effect.
  • We bought allergen-free pillows and kicked the cats out of the room at night.
  • We bought soft warm jammies and ultra soft sheets and blankets.

There I was still wide awake. Yawning and wanting to sleep – but simply couldn’t get there. Until…

Have you tried a schedule and sleep agents?

I’m not going to lie. I thought going to bed at a set time and taking a sleeping pill or some other sleep agent was so retro. It was something we did way back when, right? WRONG!

I stopped all electronic devices 1 hour before bed. It gave my eyes time to stop adjusting to the small flickering screen and it allowed me the chance to get tired. For a week or so I took a sleeping agent to get used to sleeping.

After a few days of going to bed at a set time (9:45pm) along with the new routine of no mobile devices, television, etc. I am now fully asleep in mere minutes. My body just knows it’s time to go to sleep now.

And guess what? I am SO PRODUCTIVE during the day now and plowing through things simply because I’m not exhausted.

BE A PERSON OF ACTION: I know sleep doesn’t seem like a marketing tip or social media strategy, but I assure you that there is a direct correlation between all of it. I would highly recommend reading Arianna Huffington’s book, “Thrive”, too. She provides so many nuggets in there that I couldn’t possibly list everything here.

2019 DEAN MARTIN - sleep warm



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