Small Business Saturday is coming!


Maybe some of you have heard of or even make sure to participate in Small Business Saturday? November 26 is the Saturday after Black Friday shopping and we want to be sure those small businesses are also supported during the massive amount of gift buying for the holiday season.

The idea is to get customers interested in those small stores around them not just for one day, but all year round. However, are you prepared to help provide ideas to your business owners on how to advertise for this special day? It might not be something you’ve thought about doing, but it’s a goodwill gesture to help your clients be more financially prosperous. Doesn’t that help you in the long run, too?

I have good news! American Express has done the bulk of the work for you. You simply need to share the good word.

What do I do?

American Express has put together an easy-to-follow recipe with free downloadables for the small business owner to get the most out of November 26. Go to: and have your clients customize their materials. It’s that simple!

What do they get? 

Upon filling out a few questions with one-word answers, materials are customized to provide website graphics, email marketing graphics, social media cover banners, etc. to promote shopping small with your clients’ customers.

Side note: this is NOT customized graphics. This IS customized materials with your client’s contact information, business information, etc. so they have ready-to-use materials to promote this special shopping day. Again, the idea is to spawn more shopping days down the line, not just promote Small Business Saturday.

Why would I do this?

More and more I am hearing from advisors asking for ideas on how to help their business owner clients. I also hear that advisors like to host appreciation events. You could take this idea one step further and host a small business workshop, inviting your business owner clients to the event, and not only provide materials such as this American Express customized kit but have a few successful business owners talk about how they advocate for their clients on shopping small in their community.

I would love to hear what you’re doing to help small businesses flourish in your area. Feel free to reach out and let’s talk!

Be bigger, better, and more BIONIC today!

Sheryl Brown | @BIONICsocialite


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