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2019 - are you noise or sound

If someone said to me that they did not like Michael Strahan, I would have to stop talking to them. It’s impossible to dislike the man…because what I love the most about him is how he reinvented himself over the years. He went from noise to sound.

Already a successful football player (he has broken records, received the Super Bowl ring, and is in the Hall of Fame, etc.), you might be wondering, “What on earth does he have to do with my financial services business?” And the answer is EVERYTHING.

For those on their way to success, read this part:

This is where you are plain old noisy. Starting out in financial services is not for the faint of heart. We have challenges all the time with handling someone else’s money, compliance, regulation, sensitive talks about money and health, emotional collaborations from newly married couples (to newly divorced ones – eek), and all the in-between brouhaha while you’re also trying to make a living yourself. It can be exhausting, but… as this Entrepreneur story about Michael Strahan points out – – follow a scripted guide to get you going and then JUST KEEP GOING!

Michael had everything picked out for him from plays on the field to the uniform-issued socks that he wore. The script was there – he just had to do his part: the work on the field. This is you on your way to success. But what happens when you get to the success part?

For those already successful, read this part:

You’ve reached the noisy crescendo and discovered a melody. So you’ve achieved what you set out to do! Hooray! Your clients are plentiful, your income has soared, and you’ve made a difference in lives. For many – they get very complacent here and think, “What else do I have to prove to myself?” (Interestingly enough, in the 25+ years I’ve been working in financial services, rarely do I see anyone truly retire. They just go into their next “thing” but many do not know what that means.)

Along the way – these successful professionals were so head down and focused, they didn’t pick up and learn new tricks of the trade like email marketing, social media, streaming videos, etc. And they want to move into that next chapter, but what’s next?

For those who want more success, read this part: 

The melody has become monotonous and you want a new tune. You reinvent yourself and learn from others. The details matter now. As Strahan is shown in the Entrepreneur article, he took ownership of his next phase creating a media outlet, learning how to use this to leverage his brand, and moved himself into a space of consulting and expertise (sounds like financial service professionals we all know, right??) and that means taking lessons from others on how do this stuff (as well as hiring others to do this stuff well).

Once Strahan had more media exposure and the world got to experience all of his wonderful attributes (yeah – a good gap-toothed smile has served him well) he then got to move into all kinds of other things that were not ready for him back at Step 1 in learning how to be successful. He not only has television positions for talk shows and football, but he’s hired offline at events to speak, has a clothing line, wrote a book, hosts daytime television shows, etc. He now has a networth in the area of $65M. Not – Too – Shabby.

Be A Person Of Action: Where are you on the success grid today? Are you just noisy all the time, are you tuned in, or are you tired of the same old song? Who can you be learning new things from to grow your next chapter of life? What can I do to help you get there? Seize your song and channel your Strahan today!

2019 julie andrews - details matter


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