Are you ready for the new Twitter layout?

2019 - Twitter got an upgrade again by Sheryl Brown

This is the reason NOBODY is an expert. I went to sleep one night and woke up and *POOF* Twitter upgraded to a new layout for the desktop application. This time, though, I approve.

It wasn’t really a surprise…

Twitter has been hinting at an upgrade and on January 22, 2019, they posted that some of us have the option to opt-in to the new layout. I waited my turn and mine came last week.

You can check to see if you have been given the option by going to your Twitter profile and in the upper right-hand corner clicking on your settings and go to the very bottom of your choices. Right below “Log Out” you will see it will say you can switch to the upgraded app version.

It has some cool bells and whistles…

First off – much simpler design. Easier for new users to get in and intuitively know where to go. (Unlike Snapchat which makes  me want to cry when I have to teach people how to navigate it. More often I just say, “Don’t use Snapchat.” LOL!)

Some of the things you’ll find in this upgrade are:

  • New Users – You’re getting a break. We had to walk up two hills in the snow with no shoes on to get to where we wanted to go. Now? You get the easy way to get onto the platform and even start searching for things right away. Super intuitive.
  • Less columns makes it less messy. (<–Hootsuite needs to take a lesson on this!)
  • Business brands – make use of the Library feature. I know I hate having to go look for my standard images (logos, etc.) to reuse in certain tweets. Use the Library to add your image and then create (and schedule) your tweet straight from here.
  • Bookmarks – Yes! So much easier to bookmark tweets I want to go back to and find them here. Use this, friends! (It was available before but the upgraded layout makes it so clean.)

Be A Person Of Action: Go check to see if you’re available for the upgrade. Chances are there will be mixed feelings on switching (nobody really likes change) but this one is honestly for the better.

2019 JOSH WRIGHT - upgraded


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