How do I make social media do the work for me?

2018 - Discoverly

One of the questions I am asked every week is, “How do you do so much in social media?” The hard answer is I research tools, practices, and processes to see what works. The easy answer? I use a tool like to navigate my social data.


What is is a Google Chrome extension when added, allows you to find other social media accounts of individuals you are connected with. So if you’re my friend on LinkedIn, it may point me to your Twitter or Facebook without me having to go search for it one-by-one.

Why would I use

Time. Who wants to spend more time doing work that is not income-producing? If you can use one application and it can easily send you to another place you’re trying to find, why wouldn’t you use this tool to save you more time?

How do I use

A good example for me is in LinkedIn. I might want to connect with someone on Facebook, but searching for someone’s Facebook can sometimes prove to be a real pain. (My last name is BROWN – need I say more?) So with connected, I can click the icon that populates on the LinkedIn page and it will show a Facebook account using the same name and/or email attached to the LinkedIn. It’s an amazing time-saver for me!

Be a Person of Action: At least check it out – it has a robust free version of it and if you find you don’t like it, you just remove it….but….I downloaded it two years ago and use it every single work day. It’s wonderful!

2018 JOHNNY NASH - i can see clearly now


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