Only be on social media if you can get back to people in less than 24 hours…

2018 - Respond in 24 Hours or Else by Sheryl Brown

I’m actually a little surprised. I thought it would be more like in 1 hour, but nope – clients are giving you 23 more to get back to them on social media…or else.

What’s the big deal?

I recently read a report on Target Marketing about response rates. The biggest reason for the hurry is because of how people use their own personal social accounts. For example, you put a post on Facebook about your new house – of course you do, you’re excited. Except – the flood of responses has you held in limbo because you feel this need to respond immediately.

Well, guess what? You then expect business brands to do the same thing except for the most part we are giving them a day to get back…but not a minute longer!

What happens if the client is pissed off?

Negative sentiment was also measured in the report. It’s as simple as: you respond – take the conversation offline and fix it. The MOST IMPORTANT part is responding with, “I’m sorry” or “I am so glad you reached out to us.” This allows not only the irate poster to be heard, but allows others to see you respond which signals to them that you are watching and listening.

But wait – what happens if the client is giving you a shout out?

I mean – hey, that’s the best post of all, right? Yet, I see LOTS OF BRANDS miss their chance to virtually high-five those customers. You know who is really awesome about this? Southwest Airlines. I mean honestly – tweet them RIGHT NOW, I’ll wait:


They will respond to you in MINUTES. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen on social media to be completely real. I’m not saying you have to respond in minutes (although that should be the goal) but I do think you have less than 24 hours like the report claims.

Be A Person Of Action: Only get on social media if you can commit to getting back to people. I’m being 100% serious. If you called my cellphone today it actually says, “Everyone in life has a character flaw – mine is voicemail. Don’t leave one. I’ll never check it. Just hang up and text me.” And you know what? I never check my voicemail. I’m honest with myself….are you being honest about your social media marketing expectations?

2018 ELVIS - response rate


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